Typically these bios are in the 3rd person… but writing in a way that’s like me talking about me… and in a way that’s trying to make myself sound grander than life… It’s not working for me… so instead I’d like to just connect... like we’re friends… like I’m writing a letter to a friend…

Which in many ways… that’s what this is…

So what do you want to know about me?

I’m married to an amazingly supportive man Aaron. We have 2 kids and we love to dance.

But… I’m guessing you’re not looking for that.

Rather I imagine you’re wondering…

“Is This Gal Worth My Time And Attention?”

For many, my the answer is NO.

Here’s why:

1. I can not help you get rich quick. 

Although knowing the right people can get you most anywhere… it does take work… quite often consistent and persistent hard work… typically consistently. 

I’m going to show you more of a way of life… that will win you favor… most anywhere you go… so you can combine your hard work ethic (which I’m assuming you have) with a much smarter way of doing things.

2. If you don’t want to get outside of your comfort zone, you’re not going to enjoy my stuff. 

My trainings require you to expand your capacity to both experience and express love… I mean generous contribution.

For some that’s just too uncomfortable and they refuse to go there. 

If that’s where you’re at currently… I understand and no pressure to join us. 

Just wanna be upfront about what I’m about.

3. If you don’t want to make a significant positive impact. 

You see I’m stoked… energized by people who are and or aspire to be world changers. 

If that’s you… let’s play. 

If not… well… I propose you’ll not want to waste your time with us.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Me. 

A very clear path for upping your business networking skills, for free… which are usually followed up by:

Bonafide sales pitches… to join me on a deeper dive into the world of business networking. We’ll get you super confident and super connected. We’ll get your systems running like a well oiled machine and as automated as possible so we can protect your desired lifestyle.

The Connector’s Code which is The Only 3 Strategies You’ll Ever Need To 10X Your Networking Results. This is so simple that many overlook it’s power… yet as you and I or we explore the depths of the Connector’s Code and the implications of your understanding it… your life will be forever changed.  

Consistently help you master the fundamentals.

I imagine you could be wondering...

How Do I Know Your Stuff Is Any Good? 

You can and will know The Connector’s Code and the supporting trainings Like The Contact Wheel [10 Steps To Building Your List Of Email Subscribers... Who Are Excited To Hear From You] are great because... 

I (well that’s my team and I) don’t just give you lots of stuff on how to do Business Networking effectively…. you can get that from Google… rather we give you exactly what to do and we show you how to do it quickly. We’ll save you weeks even years of time, by giving you live personal attention… and answering your questions. Moreover we’ll get you to action fast… because our proven process minimizes the amount of study you’ll need to do. 

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just go ahead and click the “Get Free Training” button and get The Connector’s Code for free. If it appeals to you then you’ll like my trainings. If not then you most likely won’t. Think of the Connector’s Code like a taste test or like a sample. Just taste and see…

Ooops I almost forgot the “bio thing” so here it goes… 

My Business Networking Training Career started when I was 8 watching my dad… He was a immigrant door-to-door toy salesman to CANADA. The toys he wasn’t able to sell each day got brought home… for me to play with. I thought he had the coolest job ever! So for me... early on I associated being an entrepreneur with loads of fun! 

Later on in life, when I ventured out on my own to be an entrepreneur with various ventures starting with selling snacks and then on to pitching photography to selling dance lessons and then on to event promotion. I found myself successfully filling rooms … getting butts in seats… getting rewarded and acknowledged for being a professional inviter.

Fast forward to to today and now I’m the founder of Connector’s Academy and many refer to me as the “Business Networking Specialist”. I’m the go-to-gal when it comes to creating connectors.

Becoming the center of connections seems to me to be what I call a “social secret”… not that it’s like a conspiracy that is being hidden from people, but rather it’s more like a powerful understanding that has yet to be realized. This incredible power of becoming the center of connections is what I help companies from startups to fortune 500 companies enter into. I love teaching groups how to incorporate networking into pre-existing systems and lifestyles.

Mainly... I love unveiling the simple secret powers hidden in The Connector’s Code.

Here’s What I Will Help You With Specifically. 

My main focus is to help you learn to connect… so you can attract life long clients.  

I’m the creator of The Connector’s Code.

In my opinion it’s the single best philosophically sound, simple and yet strongest approach for business networking in existence… that I’m aware of.

I also focus on helping you build your business.

It will help you to: Prepare BEFORE the live interaction so that you can be fully Present DURING your live interaction in a way that positions you as a welcome guest as you continue to give in a way that’s pleasantly Persistent AFTER your live interaction…

This is the essence of how you you can learn to connect… so you can attract life long clients.

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